Chlamydia Symptoms in Men

The symptoms of chlamydia in men can be hard to identify due to having very mild symptoms or none at all. As a result, patients may sometimes think that the symptoms are not caused by chlamydia.

Chlamydia symptoms in men are listed below:

  1. A small amount of clear, cloudy, or watery discharge from the penis;
  2. Pain or burning sensation when urinating;
  3. Inflammation or pain in one or both of the testicles;
  4. Pain, bleeding, or discharge in the rectum (common for men having sex with other men);
  5. Conjunctivitis which infects the eyes; and
  6. Infection of the throat.

Some men have very mild chlamydia symptoms that go away after a few days. Even if symptoms disappear, the infection is still there and if left untreated, the risks of chlamydia complications are high.

If you have the above-stated symptoms, get yourself tested for Chlamydia or order a 10-panel comprehensive STD Test now.

 Pictures of Chlamydia in Men

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