Chlamydia Symptoms in Women

Only 30% of women with chlamydia notice the symptoms of the disease which makes chlamydia a dangerous sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia can cause numerous health problems to women and may lead to infertility. That is why it is best to be informed of the signs and symptoms of chlamydia.

Chlamydia symptoms in women may be one or more of the following:

  1. An abnormal vaginal discharge (different color or unpleasant smell);
  2. blood discharge between periods;
  3. pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  4. bleeding after sexual intercourse;
  5. lower abdominal pain sometimes with nausea;
  6. pain or discharge in the rectum;
  7. pain or burning sensation when urinating;
  8. blood in the urine; and
  9. urgency to urinate.

The chlamydia infection can possibly spread to the fallopian tubes of women and cause fever, nausea and bleeding between periods.

If you have the above-stated symptoms, get yourself tested for Chlamydia or order a 10-panel comprehensive STD Test now.

Pictures of Chlamydia in Women

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