HIV Overview

Exactly what is HIV?

HIV is similar to other typical viruses, however, the difference is the body is not able to remove the virus once it contaminates the immune system. It is harder for the body to fight common infections and diseases because the HIV attacks and deteriorates the body’s immune system.

hiv overviewThe only way to determine if you have HIV is to get tested. Right now there is no remedy for the virus, however, there are medications that assist HIV positive people lead normal lives. According to the CDC, there are about 1.1 million Americans living with HIV, and another 250 thousand who are unaware they have it or are undiagnosed.

What’s the difference between HIV and AIDS?

AIDS is the late phase of HIV infection when an individual’s immune system is severely harmed and is unable to combat infections and diseases effectively. Numerous individuals with the disease take advantage of effective medications to treat the viral infection.

How do I get checked for HIV?

Sexual Wellness Centers has two tests to detect if you’re infected, both FDA approved. The first checks for antibodies in the blood, while the second checks for the virus itself. The second test, known as an HIV RNA test, can diagnose as early as 9 days after exposure¬†but is most effective after 25 days.

Where to get an HIV test?

Sexual Wellness Centers maintains affiliate relations with more than 4,000 testing centers throughout the US. To find a regional screening center near you, merely go to our Find A STD Test Center page. After providing your zip code, we will provide you a list of local test centers. Choose a facility and complete your order. You contact us by calling 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx and one of our representatives will be pleased to aid you with finding a local STD testing facility.

Is HIV Curable?

Currently, there is neither a remedy for HIV nor a vaccine created to prevent viral infections. It is, however, treatable and manageable, and individuals can live longer as an outcome of effective anti-viral medications. These medications can reduce the virus and decrease its effects under the supervision of a doctor.

Can anyone contract HIV?

Yes, anyone can contract HIV. Unprotected sex is the most common way of getting the virus. Having multiple sexual partners increases your risk. If your body is contaminated with other sexually transmitted conditions could make you more susceptible to HIV.

Effects of untreated HIV

Untreated and undiagnosed HIV infections can potentially result in death. If left untreated, HIV can badly damage the body immune system and make it very difficult for the body to defend against other diseases and infections, leading to AIDS. So-called “opportunistic” conditions such as cancer and other infections are easily caught by people with AIDS due to a compromised immune system. The time it takes for HIV to develop into AIDS is various for each person, however, when the body immune system is compromised and worn down, it can not combat common infections and illness. Pregnant females run the risk of passing the virus to their child if they have not been tested and treated for HIV.

How to prevent an HIV infection

The best way prevent HIV infection is abstinence and keep away from intravenous substance abuse. You can prevent catching the virus by making use of condoms if you are not ready to refrain from sex. Being in a relationship with only one person who is not contaminated with HIV will certainly also avoid infection. Be sure to discuss STDs with your brand-new partner before engaging in a sexual relationship.