Looking for information about STD Testing?

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Step 1) Get Informed

Get informed about STD Testing. Check our STD Knowledgebase to find out more about the most common types of STD’s. The knowledge-base contains symptoms, treatments, and cures. Once you are more educated on the STD’s, you can make better choices on the next steps towards STD Testing.

Step 2) Order Your Test

Order the complete 10-panel STD test which covers all of the most commonly tested diseases. Many diseases may show no symptoms, so best to play it safe and test for them all. If you are curious about one type of STD, then you may order an individual test only. The choice is yours!

Step 3) Visit a Test Center Near You

There are over 4,000 testing centers in the US, chances are there is one near you! Appointments are quick, require only a small blood and urine sample, and results will be delivered fast and discreet

Step 4) Get your Results

Your results will be delivered quickly within 1-3 days. If you test positive for any disease, you will receive a doctor consultation over the phone, who will prescribe necessary medication or to advise you further

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