Oral Herpes Symptoms

There is an incubation period of three to twelve days before the initial outbreak of oral herpes symptoms. These symptoms will last for two to three weeks before disappearing.

doctor talking to patient about oral herpes hsv1 symptomsThe first symptom of oral herpes that a person will notice is a tingling or itching around the infected area usually in the mouth. This happens before the actual sores come out and this stage is called prodome. In this stage, the infected person is already contagious. After this stage, there is an appearance of tiny clustered blisters or cold sores commonly seen on the lips, gums, throat, tongue, or cheeks. Once the cold sores come out, this is usually accompanied by an inflammation of the throat, fever and chills. Eating and drinking can also be difficult especially if the cold sores appear on the tongue or cheeks. Some people also suffer from muscle aches and fatigue. After a few days, the blisters will then scab and will look dry and yellowish and eventually heal.

Sometimes, a person infected with oral herpes mistakenly think that he or she has canker sores only. A canker sore is an open sore located inside the mouth, tongue, or cheeks. It is usually white or yellow in color. This also causes discomfort and difficulty in eating and drinking just like when someone has cold sores. Canker sores are not contagious. Thus, it cannot be transmitted through a simple touch or kiss or sharing of utensils and towels.

Since some people mistaken cold sores with canker sores, they usually get self-medications and do not usually seek medical help. For this reason, an Oral Herpes test is always recommended. Get yourself tested once you experience the symptoms stated to prevent any risks and complications.