STD Test Cost and Packages

Here you fill find a list of all the packages as well as individual tests and their corresponding prices. We recommend getting the full 10 panel test as you can have multiple STDs at once and not know about it as many have similar symptoms, and many are asymptomatic, meaning there are no symptoms. Nevertheless, even without symptoms, it can cause serious health problems. However, we do also provide individual tests for those that suspect a single STD has infected them. Please check out STD Knowledgebase to learn more about these diseases before ordering an individual test package.

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Full 10-Panel Test

  • This is our complete package covering all STD’s. This covers all the tests below in one convenient package

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

  • These two conditions are very often caught together, so often that this package was created to provide a discount so you can be tested for both


  • The most common STD, often showing no symptoms, however can still cause health problems


  • The second most common STD, also usually symptomless among women, while men often have a penile discharge or painful urination

Hepatitis A

  • Commonly transmitted through food or water contamination of fecal matter, can cause serious liver complications

Hepatitis B

  • Commonly transmitted through bodily fluid exchange via sex, such as semen or vaginal discharge, can cause serious liver damage

Hepatitis C

  • Commonly transmitted through blood, as in needle sharing from drugs or blood transfusion, like other types of Hepatitis, will cause serious liver damage

Oral Herpes

  • Herpes generally of the mouth and face, noticeable from the boils around the mouth or cold sores, however can be found on genitals

Genital Herpes

  • Herpes generally around the genitals, anus, and thighs, can be asymptomatic or can have painful boils or sores


  • Incurable but treatable disease that can lead to various health complications due to a suppressed immune system. Normal methods to detect HIV, very accurate but usually have to wait 3 months after exposure to get accurate results.

HIV Early Detection

  • Different type of HIV test that checks for different signals, more expensive but can detect as early as 11 days after exposure


  • Often called the “imitator” due to this disease having a host of similar symptoms as other STDs