Find a local facility that provides private and confidential, same day STD Testing in St. Paul, MN. At Sexual Wellness Clinics, we maintain relationships with over 4,000 STD testing facilities that test for all types of STDs, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Oral and Genital Herpes, HIV, and syphilis. Get your 10-Panel STD test today!

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STD-Testing-St. Paul, MN

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Free STD Testing Centers

Below are a few testing facilities in the St. Paul MN area that provide free STD testing. Please note that these free testing clinics may not provide all the tests you are looking to take, and depending on your income, may not be free either. There is also usually a long wait between the day you call and the day of the appointment, and also usually a long wait at the facility. These listings are offered free as a public service from Sexual Wellness Clinics to ensure that everyone who needs medical STD Testing in the St. Paul area can receive them.

  • Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health
    Clinic 555 Sexual Health Services
    555 Cedar St
    Rm 111
    Saint Paul, MN 55101
    United States
  • West Side Community Health Services
    West Side Health Center La Clinica
    153 Cesar Chavez St
    Saint Paul, MN 55107
    United States
  • Open Cities Health Center Incorporated
    409 N Dunlap St
    Saint Paul, MN 55104
    United States
  • First Care Pregnancy Center
    2929 University Ave SE
    Ste 108
    Minneapolis, MN 55414
    United States

For more free testing centers, visit the CDC website.

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The attractions and activities in St. Paul are exciting and fun-filled. However, if you have a painful and frequent urination due to a possible STD, it will hinder you from enjoying such activities. Therefore, get an STD test now in St. Paul, MN to validate the presence of an STD and our doctors will help you in alleviating your symptoms by prescribing you the necessary medications.

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